book 1200x448 undertakes translation projects in
Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

However, if you need a translation in another language, feel free to contact us, our pool of translators is constantly enriched. We shall introduce you to a colleague that will be able to help you.

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What we offer:

Certified Translations offers certified trusted official translations of certificates, passports, licenses, contracts, medical evaluations or any other official documents to be submitted to any public or private authority.
Our expertise is the official translation of university degrees, diplomas, transcripts etc. while we can help you with any other translation you may need for your application -cover letter, CV, translation or proofreading of papers, dissertations etc.
Marketing & Communication Material
Communication is everything! Open up to a multicultural and multilingual perspective! We undertake the translation and localization of all marketing, communication, advertising and tourism material.
We undertake translation projects of special demands and terminology. We constantly update our knowledge and deliver with accuracy technical, medical or other translation project of scientific interest.
Our online translation agency, adapted to the needs of an online market in an online world, offer top quality translation and localization services for large scale projects, such as web-sites.
With years of experience in film festivals and TV channels, our specialized translators can offer top quality subtitling services for film, documentaries and TV series, fully responding to the special demands of translating for an audience.
We specialize in delivering a final draft of extended translation projects such as literary novels, philosophical essays, dissertations etc. offering, along with our editing services, a total quality end result.


Editing & Proofreading*
We undertake the typographical check, language editing, arrangement of footnotes and bibliography etc. of extended texts, such as essays, dissertations, articles or books, so that you can present a final draft that fulfills the required high standards.

*Service offered only for Greek text.

Take a look at the pricelist of our more frequently requested services

Every translation project has its own particularities. Get in touch with us to know the cost of your own translation, which depends on the size of the project, the language and the deadline. Here is an indicative price list of our more frequently requested services (VAT included).

Certified translations (Eng↔Gr):

  • Degrees: 20 € (first copy for free, multiple copies 5€ per copy)
  • Transcripts (per full page): 25€
  • Certificates (up to 300 words): 20 €
  • For any other language combination: +5€

Large scale projects:

  • Novels – Eng→Gr: 170€ per 32,000 characters with spaces
  • Dissertations – Eng→Gr: 180-210€ per 32,000 characters with spaces
  • Proofreading/Editing Gr: 40-60€ per 32,000 characters with spaces

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