True translations from true translators is a pool of qualified human professional translators with a range of languages and domain expertise, all working remotely, so as to guarantee the best “true translation” service in the most competitive price. The truetranslation project is conceived and actualised by certified translator Myrto Kalofolia.
We undertake translation projects in:

Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and more!

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No more machine translations!

Our platform is supported by certified professional freelance translators, members of the Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University.

The pool of our professionals consists of carefully selected active translators with different expertise and long experience, working in team spirit in order for your translation project to be delivered by the professional who is more suitable and available for the job.

We guarantee top quality.

All translations to Greek are corrected and proofread by a professional Greek proofreader, with no extra charge. All translations to the other languages of are done –or corrected- by a native speaker colleague, with no extra charge.

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We cut the middleman to save you money.

We offer a competitive pricelist. guarantees a lower cost of certified official translations. All certified translation are done by certified professional translators, graduates of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University who, pursuant to the Presidential Decree 169 of 17.06.2002 (Government Gazette 156/2.7.02), have the right to provide certified translations for public and private authorities. Hence, there is no extra fee for intermediary lawyers for the notarization of certified translations, as most translation offices charge.

Take a look at the pricelist of our more frequently requested services

Every translation project has its own particularities. Get in touch with us to know the cost of your own translation, which depends on the size of the project, the language and the deadline. Here is an indicative price list of our more frequently requested services (VAT included).

Certified translations (Eng↔Gr):

  • Degrees: 20 € (first copy for free, multiple copies 5€ per copy)
  • Transcripts (per full page): 25€
  • Certificates (up to 300 words): 20 €
  • For any other language combination: +5€

Large scale projects:

  • Novels – Eng→Gr: 170€ per 32,000 characters with spaces
  • Dissertations – Eng→Gr: 180-210€ per 32,000 characters with spaces
  • Proofreading/Editing Gr: 40-60€ per 32,000 characters with spaces

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We go online to save you time.

Working remotely in team spirit is our carefully made decision to achieve lower costs and save time. We work exclusively online to cut costs and guarantee a competitive pricelist in the Greek market of professional translations. Our online platform allows us to be flexible and available. Our goal is to respond in a personal way to your particular demands.

Get it done with it from the comfort of your own space! The alert communication policy of promises you no more wasted time in meetings and discussions.

Simple and easy procedure.

Our user-friendly online communication form allows you to get a quote within 24 hours. Given that you agree with our offer, you only have to send us your document to be translated.

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